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I was raised in upstate New York, and although I have lived in NYC area most of my adult life, the inspiration for nature is one that enlightens my heart. I enjoy long walks and hiking, nature and evening sunsets. I graduated in Textile Surface Design as well as, Advertising and Communications, from F.I.T- (Fashion Institute of Technology.) I have been involved in several exhibits in NYC, area and a summer artist residency with SAINT MARY’S ON THE LAKE for several years at Lake George. Change is growing, whether it was as a youth, drawing and then finding colour or painting realistically or stylistically; I have also been inspired by other artists. I have learned to work in different mediums developing my own expression. I find that travelling, hiking Angel Falls, Venezuela- Machu Pichuu, Peru, to the beaches in California and Hawaii; colour, light, texture, tonal values, density, incorporate and encompass my passion for diversity in my art. I also enjoy photography: I purchased a Lumix camera for a photography class in 2018/19. It’s another passion utilizing a creative eye working with filters etc.: Instagram: “Maiavividshots,” also I jump rope for physical and mental fitness editing my videos: Instagram: “Maiaskips” my art handle: Maia_artist_lifestylefitness was recently compromised you may find it, with appx. 900 followers; Currently the handle is: “”

City: New York, NY Neighborhood: Brooklyn Hts Contact by email